House Clearances Hertfordshire

House Clearances Hertfordshire

Easy and Free House Clearances Biggleswade. Local house clearances for Biggleswade, Sandy, Shefford, Ampthill, Henlow, Stotfold and Bedford

Quick & Efficient House Clearing Services

Fast Response House Clearances in Biggleswade, Bedford & Letchworth

We are house clearance specialists serving all areas in Hertfordshire. Now situated in Biggleswade, our team is trained and experienced to provide a full range of house clearance services. Here at GET JUNK we believe in providing a fast and efficient high quality service with excellent customer care.

Choose GET JUNK for your house clearance in Hertfordshire. Whether you need a full clearance service or need to remove just a few items then we are ready to help. If you need the loft, basement, garden or garage cleared at the same time, that is no problem at all.

No Fees House Clearance

No Fees House Clearance

Our Simple No Fees House Clearance Policy

Our Simple No Fees House Clearance Policy

  • We will take away ALL OF YOUR ITEMS. We won’t just cherry pick the best items.

  • Whenever we can recover our costs, which is the case in the majority of house clearances we do, we will make no charge for our services.
  • We donate many items to charity and recycle as much of the remainder as possible.

  • We will confirm and agree with you before we start if we need to make a charge for a clearance, which usually only happens in situations where the resale value of items are low and/or disposal costs are high.

Please just request a free assessment. We’ll simply assess our ability to recover our costs before confirming our offer of a FREE clearance.

Don’t get stressed with all your clutter!

Whatever household waste you want clearing, we’ll ensure the job is performed thoroughly with minimun fuss. We specialise in rapid response property clearances. Whether it’s a house clearance, a messy garage clearance or tidying your garden waste we’ll handle everything efficiently and responsibly.

100% committed to recycling!

We are a proud partner of Cancer Research UK. As part of our commitment to the community, we donate all reuseable items to the charity

  • Residential house clearances

  • Loft & basement clearances

  • Probate clearances

  • Family bereavement

  • End of tenancy
  • Moving home
  • Garage and shed clearance

  • Waste carriers licence

Call us for inquiry : Monday to Friday : 9 am – 5 pm

Probate & Bereavement Services

House clearances for Probate Property Hertfordshire

In cases of bereavement and handling probate home clearances, our staff have been trained to be sympathetic, polite, courteous and understanding and will treat all belongings and property with respect. Where possible, we’ll donate as much as possible to cancer research for resale. If you would like items relocating, we will take care of this for you, if you would like items disposed of, again we can take care of this for you.

All waste handled responsibly

Responsible House Clearances Hertfordshire

Protect our countryside from illegal fly tippers and choose a reputable, honestly priced waste clearance company that will ensure your waste is handled responsibly. We hold a waste carriers licence and we are fully insured. All of your waste is handled and recycled responsibly. We are house clearance specialists based offering our services throughout Hertfordshire.